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My Incest Story

My name is Naveen, We lost our parents a few years ago in a very bad road accident and since then me and my sister are living in Zurich both working as software engineers associated with Tata Consultancy Services to develop softwares with special applications for International organizations in the field of health services and needless to mention here that we are highly paid. After that accident, we depend on each other to make any personal decision in life..

Now coming to the point, in my case, I had a fantastic incest in my life and it was with my sister and I would like to share my lovely experiences.
My sister, very beautiful, slender with long hair lying on both shoulders looking like an angel, named Prabha, was an unfortunate girl. She was widowed in the 1st year of her marriage soon after loosing our parents. After that accident, she was living in apartments alone at Zurich and she would usually come to my place whenever she was feeling lonely and cry on my shoulders. Her crying would go on for hours and I would be there for her feeling sorry for her and I would hold her in my arms to console her. She found solace in my arms.

One of those days when she was inconsolable, I held her tight against my chest, and as any brother would do to make his sister comfortable, I rubbed my cheek against hers, and I planted a small but tender kiss on her cheek to assure her that I would always be there for her. That kiss, unknown to me, triggered and ignited a fire within her, and little angel, Prabha hugged me tighter and eventually she turned her head towards me and kissed me on my lips. My head started spinning with confusion initially. And then before I knew what was happening, our kiss became very passionate, and we stayed lip locked for almost 20-30 minutes, with our tongues playing against each other in total want on desire. My body started to respond to her advances, and I had an erection. I was very shy about this that my hard-on was pressing against my elder sister, and there was no way I could have moved to avoid contact with her. No doubt she could feel my hard on pressing against her and she in turn pressed her hips against me. We kept kissing an we kept grinding against each other like that till she attained her first orgasm together with our clothes still on. It was after the fires within us had subsided and we came to our senses, did we realize what had j ust happened.

For the next few days we could not look at each other in the eye, and instead of calling each other on the phone as we usually did or visiting in person, we started writing notes to each other. We were very ashamed of what had transpired between us. But then again, I thought to myself. Prabha is my own sister, and its my duty to look after her in her time of troubles. So I picked courage and went to her place. She opened the door, and when she saw it was me, she dropped her eyes to the floor avoiding eye contact. It was a very awkward situation, but, I had to take the initiative to break the ice barrier that as building between us. So I told her that she was my responsibility and what ever happened between us a few days ago was accidental, and it would be best to put that behind us. She accepted my decision, and we patched up nicely and behaved like before. We had lunch together, and after lunch, we went the sitting room and we talked general topics, we cracked jokes, and we laughed together. Eventually she came and sat beside me and put her head in my shoulder and confided in me with a whisper that she had enjoyed our kissing so much and also the orgasm we shared together was special. I was silent. I didn’t know what to say, my mind was in turmoil… we were in that position on the couch for nearly 30-45 minutes, with her head on my shoulder, and me staring at the ceiling, and my arms on her shoulder hugging her to me, when she licked my earlobe, I jumped, I looked at her and we kissed again.

This time our kiss was intentional, and sizzling hot with passion. We dropped off couch with our lips still locked together, and we rolled on the floor together. She on top of me, me on top of her, hugging, kissing, hips gyrating against each other, hugging tight, then she took matters in control. She opened my zip, and dug in and started to fondle my hard on. All I can say to date; it was like nothing I had ever felt before. In as much as I have had my fair share if sexual an experiences, but experiencing this feeling with my sister was a whole new feeling. Eventually, Prabha lowered her face and kissed my penis, and it was like being touched with a hot iron. She stuck her tongue out and licked off the pre-cum gathering at the cock head, and I was rolling my head in ecstasy. She opened her mouth wide, and lowered her head and engulfed my entire length in her mouth rubbing the tip against her tonsils and I was going insane with pleasure. The warm breath from her mouth was driving me crazy with excitement. While she was sucking me off, I started by playing with her hair, running my hands down her back to end up on her ass and fondling her ass with her clothes on. We got to a feverish pitch with simulated love making that we lost control of the situation.

We didn’t realize when we both got nude and eventually we had full-fledged sex. We were too far gone in our pent up passion that we woke up in the middle of the night to realize we had broken all barriers of the social taboo, and we had to refrain from letting things go out of hand. Needless to say, a few weeks later she confided in me that she was pregnant. Prabha was scared and worried, and all those feeling and fears that come with accidental pregnancies. So I decided to take my sister as my wife. I proposed to her, and Prabha was thrilled. We traveled out of our native town Sankaran Kovil to Zurich in Switzerland already and we got married at the registrar’s office. We now live together as a couple and enjoying life in all beautiful parts of Europe. Last month we had been to Paris and many Tamil families we met. We have been blessed by a little girl. For her brother Naveen. So far we are happy within ourselves. After all we have grown up together, and we know each other’s interests since our childhood. And as my parents are not there to take care of her family life, I had done my duties as her father, mother as well as her brother. Now I remember that I am her husband, sincere and loyal, young by two years. So, my dear reader, this is my side of my incestuous affair with my sister. We hope to meet people like you when we visit India for a short holiday.

I’ve given my real name only and my wifes name is Prabha. I know how society frowns on sibling couples. Here in Zurich, nobody knew us to be siblings, but rather as a couple. I know if you are in love with your sister, pl don’t hesitate to express her first, go for an outing, have a night stay together, and get out of the tension of going thro the tension of saving face from society, but you can choose a different place of living in India or abroad, as the world is global and after all, we live only once in our life time. Let us live for us.

There are very few websites that cater for and accommodate matters pertaining to this delicate and noble relationship called Incest, which are otherwise true and real.



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Blogger Raghavendra said...

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