Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mom want pleasure from Me

This is true Bengali mother son story. My name is Khokan Das age 33 year. This incident happened 1 year ago. My father name is Rabi Das age is 68. My father is Homeopathic Doctors. My mother name is Lila Das, her age is 54 years. My father is an angry man, he always quarrels with mother for minor fault. My mother never eats without tear. We are 5 sisters and brothers. Two elder sisters are married. I am unmarried and my immediate younger brother and sister unmarried. I and my brother and sister stay in town but mom and dad stay in village. My father comes to us twice in a year. My sister and brother go village house once in a year. I visited our village house when mom and dad call me.

I am a business man. I never thought about my mom incest. My mom is an orthodox family daughter. My mom is younger than my dad near about 15 years. My mom color is not fair slight dark. Her figure is also normal size. 36D-32-38. the incident happened when I visited last year. When I go home dad said all things about mom behaviors. Being dad angry he free with me. Dad told me he is unable to control his practice and land cultivates. We have so many piece of land. Dad said your mom not co-operate with me. Dad said I don’t know. I asked mom about dad complain. Mom said, you asked your dad why I could not help him. I asked dad, mom said all things for you, dad. Dad said I know why she said it. On that next day a Muslim woman come to our house and called dad. Dad goes with her. Her name is Ameron. Mom said your dad make a scandal for this woman. I asked why mom. Mom said you now become elder so guess it why. I understand mom what want to say. I said mom don’t worry I’ll solve the problem. After two days dad said I have to go to purchases some medicine. Dad goes to city for purchase medicine for one week. Before he goes, he said me something’s. dad said me that, I am unable to control to your mom, please help her all things and take care of her and cooperate with her, what she want. I said ok dad, I remember it. Dad goes away. On that night I asked mom every thing. Mom no response hearing my question. In the night I open my bag to read those books which I bring from Kolkata. These books contain incest story about brother-sister, father-daughter, and aunty-nephew and mother-son incest intercourse relation. Out of three books two books missing from my bag. My bag can open only mom. I am thinking about missing of two books.

Both books contain only mom son relation story. I find it every where but there is no trace. That night I spent sleepless. Next day I could not found that books. Mom’s behavior is normal. In the night I asked mom again that question why you do not cooperate with dad. Mom has no response again. I asked to mom what do you want. Mom said your dad torture me whole life, he treat me like a servant never his wife. Mom also said he never concentrate my desire and make me unhappy. Hearing this I was silent. Mom goes her room to sleep. After goes mom I open my bag and found those three books. I understand who do this. Next day at 10pm after dinner mom close the door. I asked mom what you want. Mom said I want to action against your dad. I asked how? Mom said I don’t know but want to take action. I said Ameron is the major problem. Mom said yes. I said mom I can’t understand how you solve the problem. Mom said if you help me then it is possible. I said mom tell me how? I will help you. Mom said it is our house problem so, solve it in house. I said how mom? Mom said your dad last 38 year torture me. This is the time to get return him.

I said I understand but tell me process. Mom said you are my elder son, so you solve the problem. I said mom tells me how I do every thing for you, what you want. Mom said this is our house problem, we solve it in house. I understand mom what really want. I said yes mom we solve it in house and dad also teach it. Mom said I can’t do without you. I said mom don’t hesitate tell me, I will do all things for you. Mom said, I never go out side like your dad, I want to show your dad it is possible me in house, but you are the only way. I said mom, I told you many time to do anything’s for you. Mom comes to near me and said with low voice show your dad I am not finished. I know mom being a Bengali lady she don’t tell me the real desire. I said moms ear mom don’t hesitate I do every thing with you if you want. Mom said into my ear that I want fucking with you. Hearing moms comments I am full excite and said mom really. Mom said yes my son, I never think other person without you. I kiss mom’s lips and mom I am very younger than you so, am I satisfied you. Mom said with kissing my lips only you satisfied me. I said mom I will give you best fuck.

Mom said please let go to bed. Both mom and I go bed. Mom opens her saree. I help her to open her blouse and bra. Mom large breast open to me. I am touching her breast’s nipple and press it tightly. Mom enjoys it. I said mom please open your petticoat. Mom without hesitation opens her petticoat. Moms vagina open to me it is cover by black hair. It is looking like a small jungle. I touch with my right hand and middle finger enters into the vagina. Mom said Khokan baba don’t do this please come on and ride on me. I open my lungi, my 7.5 inch cock fully erect with read head. I said maa please spread your legs. Maa spread her legs and call me to enter. I sat moms between tow legs and push my cock into mom cunt. Mom helps me to enter. I ride on mom and my cock fully enters into her vagina.

Mom holds me with hand and said me so hard your cock. I do my buttock up and down every second and asked mom the size of cock is ok. Mom said your cock bigger than your dad and it is actual size for me. I said maa how do you feel. Maa said don’t talk only fuck. I said maa we are doing sin. Maa said with Bengali amra kono paap karsi na. ami bollam keno. Maa ballo tor baba to onya meyar sathe kare. Ami bollam ma tumi satthi tomay dekhe bojher upay nai tumi ki paro. Maa amay paa diya pach diyee dharee ballo keno sona ami emon ki korechi. Ami bollam nizer cheller sathe choda chudi karso. Maa ballo ghare jowan chele thakte keno onnya loker kache jabo.

Ami maa ke ghano ghano chodon ditee ditee bollam thik maa koreso. Aaj theke sudhu ami tomay chudbo. Maa ballo ei sona amay chudte tor bhalo lagse to. Ami bollam haa maa. Maa ballo ei taratari kar amar ebar habey. Ami bollam maa amar o habey. Maa ballo ah ah ah dey dey baba ki such aha aha ooooooooooooo aha umh oo ah. Ami jore dite dite bollam maa are parbo na ebar galo maa ebar galo. I pore my cum into moms pusi. Mom also discharge her cum. Both are some relax with joint.

After our first fuck mom said please sleep. I said no mom please you stay with I’ll will fuck you again. Mom smile and said ok. Both mom and I sleep with my bed. I fuck mom on that night also two times. From that day mom and I do regularly up to dad return.


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